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The following complementary therapies and techniques may be utilized during the BALM session:

• Neuromuscular Therapy & Advanced Deep Tissue Massage
• Myoskeletal Therapy
• Polarity Therapy, including Polarity Diet and Exercises
• Kyungrak System and Theory of Sanal
• Acupressure
• Chi Kung/Qigong
• Passive/Active stretching exercises
• Posture correction
• Structural and functional stress relief
• Chair Massage
• Proprietary therapeutic and breathing exercises
• Phytotherapy
• Taiga massage

• Orthopedic massage

• Proper Body Mechanics Technique
• Positional Release Technique

Each session of BALM therapy includes Orthopedic and Energy Assessment, Structural and Energy bodywork for several body areas or whole body and offers the most efficient and comprehensive health improvement, delivering real results without delay!

Because BALM therapy is an ultimate process, i.e. patients/clients do not need to see Alexei Belfer indefinitely. You will dramatically improve your health within first several sessions, even if you are in severe pain, have joints, spinal or posture problems, traumatic or war related injuries, postoperative complications, and any stress related problems. Each patient receives the best practically attainable result within the shortest time theoretically possible.

BALM - NO risky surgeries and NO years-long rehabilitation procedures. Real results – right away!

BALM services include:

• Hands-only whole body energy scan and structural orthopedic assessment.
• Musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous system problem detection and alleviation, thus any pain, associated with it, disappears rapidly (often it happens right on the spot).
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – "Hands On" unique, fast and complete treatment of CTS.
• Balancing of Sacroiliac Joints – "Hands On" unique treatment of SIJs, lower back, buttocks, hamstrings and knee pain.

Patients won’t need to use painkillers, undergo invasive procedures with harmful side effects, such as epidural, corticosteroid nerve block anesthesia, unnecessary & risky surgeries, HVLAT chiropractic manipulations, etc.

In most cases results of BALM therapy will include:
• Rapid alleviation of neck/back/extremities chronic and acute pain
• Improvement of metabolism, digestion, and sleep patterns
• Structural and functional stress relief and relaxation, posture correction
• Stimulation of immune system
• Replenishment of energy and burst of new power
• Relief and sharp improvement in joints movement

If you are a prospective patient, you are advised to consult your primary care physician or other medical professional before scheduling BALM therapy session. If you are concern about effectiveness of BALM therapy, you may ask your physician to make any necessary CT-Scan, MRI, X-rays tests before and after BALM therapy to see/confirm the results.

BALM is the most effective musculoskeletal therapy today! And it doesn’t really matter what is your level of expertise in Western or Eastern Medicine. You could be a farmer, martial artist, top notch US orthopedic or neurosurgeon, guru from India, or grandmaster of traditional oriental medicine – we are sure that you will not see or experience such a sensation anywhere else in the world. GUARANTEED!

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