BALM Therapy
"BALM" for the Soul and Body

When the ancients were sick, they walked among trees and plants, swam in the lake or river and breathed the fresh air to soothe their pain.
Then came the discovery of penicillin, chemotherapy, laser beams. High-tech medicine buried the nature under high-rise hospitals with sealed windows for a pretty long time.
But now there's a holistic real medicine afoot to return nature to the lives of patients. It’s completely natural, hands-on therapy - «BALM»!
If you want:

  • Peak performance, stable framework, faster results, a safer workout, and quicker recovery from injury;
  • Higher attention potential, better concentration, improved ergonomics, better posture and improved physical coordination;
  • Suffer less from headaches, neck, shoulder, TMJ, CTS and other problems;
  • To have more energy, mobility and to help prevent osteoporosis;
  • Comfortable pregnancy, easier delivery, and a healthier baby;
  • Your children to experience a more comfortable growth as they enter adulthood;

Then «BALM» is the best choice for you!

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The following complementary therapies and techniques may be utilized during the BALM session:

• Neuromuscular Therapy & Advanced Deep Tissue Massage
Myoskeletal Therapy
• Polarity Therapy, including Polarity Diet and Exercises
• Kenruck
• Acupressure
• Chi Kung/Qigong
• Passive/Active stretching exercises
• Posture correction
• Structural and functional stress relief
• Chair Massage
• Proprietary therapeutic and breathing exercises
• Phytotherapy
• Taiga massage

Each session of BALM therapy includes Orthopedic and Energy Assessment, Structural and Energy bodywork for several body areas or whole body and offers the most efficient and comprehensive health improvement, delivering real results without delay!

Because BALM therapy is an ultimate process, i.e. patients/clients do not need to see Alexei Belfer indefinitely. You will dramatically improve your health within first several sessions, even if you are in severe pain, have joints, spinal or posture problems, traumatic or war related injuries, postoperative complications, and any stress related problems. Each patient receives the best practically attainable result within the shortest time theoretically possible.

BALM - NO risky surgeries and NO years-long rehabilitation procedures. Real results – right away!

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