BALM Therapy
"BALM" for the Soul and Body

When the ancients were sick, they walked among trees and plants, swam in the lake or river and breathed the fresh air to soothe their pain.
Then came the discovery of penicillin, chemotherapy, laser beams. High-tech medicine buried the nature under high-rise hospitals with sealed windows for a pretty long time.
But now there's a holistic real medicine afoot to return nature to the lives of patients. It’s completely natural, hands-on therapy - «BALM»!
If you want:

  • Peak performance, stable framework, faster results, a safer workout, and quicker recovery from injury;
  • Higher attention potential, better concentration, improved ergonomics, better posture and improved physical coordination;
  • Suffer less from headaches, neck, shoulder, TMJ, CTS and other problems;
  • To have more energy, mobility and to help prevent osteoporosis;
  • Comfortable pregnancy, easier delivery, and a healthier baby;
  • Your children to experience a more comfortable growth as they enter adulthood;

Then «BALM» is the best choice for you!


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I had a back problem for a long time and no chiropracter could fix it without a surgery. Two trips to Alexei and the impossible became possible- I'm not only walking but can even go for morning runs again....
Daria N., Queens, NY

I've been all over the world getting bodywork done to do something about my scoliosis.  I've done it all: neuro-cranial restructuring, atlas-orthoganal chiropractic, chinese bone-setting... you name it, I've tried it!  I searched for solutions for 10 years!  Then I met Alexei.  He fixed my scoliosis (which doctors said was created by birth and uncorrectable) IN FIVE SESSIONS!  You think that's insane?  He turned my girlfriend's bow-legs TOTALLY STRAIGHT in 2 SESSIONS!   Think I'm making this up? Call me at 917-523-4359 and I'll give you a schooling! - Plato R., New York, NY

I went to see Dr. Belfer on a whim for my back and shoulder problems because someone I trust recommended him.  I was a personal trainer for many years and consider myself very knowledgeable about the human body so I don't allow just anyone to work on me.  I have been to a few chiropractors in my day, but Dr. Belfer's method of adjusting was completely different than anything I've ever seen.  The way he was contorting my body scared me a bit at first, but I was surprised to find that it was painless and only mildly uncomfortable.  The entire process took him no more than 20 minutes and immediately after, I felt a difference in my back but not so much in my shoulders (I had an mri done which showed that the cartilage in both my shoulders had been torn off the bone from martial arts practice).  I went home and noticed that over the next week the pain and discomfort in my back had diminished and my shoulders seemed to have improved slightly.  I went back again the following week so Dr. Belfer could check and make sure the adjustment held.  He said everything was fine and recommended a particular brand of ibuprofen that he said would get rid of the inflammation in my shoulders.  He said that once the inflammation is down, my shoulders would begin to heal naturally now that the body had been adjusted.  I was skeptical, but over the next three months, I started to see a dramatic improvement in my shoulder condition.  For the first time in three years, I can actually sleep through the night without waking up to adjust my arm position, which is incredible.

I was so impressed with Dr. Belfer that I brought my girlfriend to see him who was also suffering from back problems.  While adjusting her, he noticed that one of her legs was about 2 millimeters shorter than the other and recommended that she get a small heel pad to place in her shoe.  As strange as this might sound, after she started to use the heel pad, her back pain started to diminish tremendously.

It is now close to a year since we've seen Alexi and our previous ailments have not resurfaced (we both only saw Alexi twice each).  I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Belfer to anyone who has pain in their body or who is looking to prevent future problems down the road.  He is top-notch.

Jay Cataldo, New Jersey
Jay Cataldo Life Coaching

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