I had a back problem for a long time and no chiropracter could fix it without a surgery. Two trips to Alexei and the impossible became possible- I'm not only walking but can even go for morning runs again....
Daria N., Queens, NY

I've done it all: neuro-cranial restructuring, atlas-orthoganal chiropractic, chinese bone-setting... you name it, I've tried it!  I searched for solutions for 10 years!  Then I met Alexei.  He fixed my scoliosis (which doctors said was created by birth and can't be fixed) IN 5 SESSIONS!...
Plato R., New York, NY

It is now close to a year since I and my girlfriend have seen Alexi and our previous ailments have not resurfaced (we both only saw Alexi twice each).  I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Belfer to anyone who has pain in their body...
Jay C., New Jersey

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